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ONLY FOR 2024_ 

Choose one or more countries, a region or a continent, and we will tell you what we can do to represent your company or your products. Or introduce us to your company and your products, and we will identify the best countries or regions where we could sell your products, develop your project or sell your company. 


From 24 01 2024 to 31 12 2024, we will have the opportunity to finance your company's representation activity to help the companies affected by the pandemic concretely. 


For companies that will be accredited, the Recovery and Development FUND will finance 50% of the representation activities. The remaining 50% will be charged to the customer in small monthly instalments.


For example, a representation in the fashion sector in a European country costs an average of 1,250 euros per month. (15,000 euros per year) 


If your company will be accredited: 


7,500 euros will be funded by 

7,500 euros will be spread over 24 months, reducing the monthly cost to 312.5 euros per month.


So your company will get the service for 12 months, paying only half of it, and in 24 months without any additional financial cost. 



It is just an example to make entrepreneurs and CEOs understand the enormous possibility TDHI offers entrepreneurs for contracts signed in 2024. Our services are tailor-made, so tell us about your company or your products and your goals and desires, and we'll tell you what we can do for you.

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